The Project

Welcome to our Aware blog. It was created by us, three young people from three Eastern European countries: Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine; Mikayel Simonyan, Mariam Geladze, and Ann Bobino. As a part of Challenge 1918|2018|2118, organized by the European Academy Berlin, we have decided to take an initiative and start a project touching upon the issues of disability rights in Western and Eastern Europe. As one of the most vulnerable groups, people with disabilities are majorly affected in the whole world, including Europe.
As the main inspiration for our project served a very horrible event from the past, Aktion T4, which was a Nazi government order to massacre people with intellectual and physical disabilities. However, the purpose of our project is to not only show the shameful past but rather to contrast and juxtapose it with the present and also the future vision for the people with disabilities. We believe that by making others aware of such unspoken topic, we can create a better and more inclusive society.